Thursday, June 20, 2002

I just had a pretty cool choir practice. I like them so much here. That choir is one of the main reasons I'm thinking of staying in this area (milledgeville, a tiny town). They not only did everything I asked them to do this evening, but they did it well. They also had questions for me and sometimes they'll have suggestions. This is good, it means they're still free-thinking, after all, I'm not always right! We're doing a contemporary piece called "As the Deer" ( it's one of the better contemporary ones ), "A Prayer of King Henry VI" by Henry G. Ley (English school), an arrangement of "Amazing Grace" by Jackson Berkey, "Set Me as a Seal" by Rene Clausen, a Cameroon Processional (published by Earthsongs), an Anglican chant in four parts (in the Presbyterian church!), and tons of other things. I'm trying to give them a HUGE variety. I don't feel anyone would complain if I didn't, I think variety teaches them more chorally and textually as well as stylistically. I also think it's less boring. The "Set Me as a Seal" piece is soooooooo beautiful, I'd like to have it sung at my wedding one day!
I'm tired...I actually think I'll watch a bit of the TV. I rarely watch anymore, just things like Datelines and ER....hey that comes on in 10 min. I'm in luck....wheeee. Maybe I'll NOT watch TV now though and read instead and then watch Star Trek later....hhmmmm..... Tomorrow I think I'll work more on my paper....... Goodnight networld........zzzzzzzz

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