Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poetry Post "Leafen Wrought"

Here is another poetry post from my 9th & 10th grade journal. I like it, but am not sure it makes 100% sense. Nevertheless, the imagery is still ok. I'll blame it on the fact that this one was written under slightly unusual circumstances...
If any of you watched PBS back in the 80's, you may remember seeing the occasional poem scrolled from top to bottom on your screen with a scenic picture and soft music in the background. I was in South Carolina so I was watching SCETV. Sometimes the poems were pretty cheesy or sappy. Some may also recall the Saturday Night Live "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey. These had me laughing like crazy then and now. I think I had been watching both of these things close to the same time and, as a result, this poem was created. I was dreaming of a poem being scrolled on the TV....and very slowly.

Here's a YouTube example of the hilarity in "Deep Thoughts"

It took me a second, but in my dream, I remember telling myself that I had better write this down. I ended up waking up and trying to recall the poem I had just seen. This is that poem. So, it's kind of cool that I was able to compose in my sleep......sort of (I'm sure I finished it once awake, but at least 3/4 of it was done while in some level of sleep.) I've decided to leave the poem as it is here and make no changes.

Leafen Wrought
In the sun where Autumn stains,
The twisted leaflet still remains.
The Summer having taken toll
Of green wonders without disdain.
The Wind, the sway of Time, it comes
Ere a chance to stall and stay
Arrives upon that leaf, that day.
If we leave the leafen wrought,
Securing hidden trail
We just might find our refuge fought,
Cool freedom to inhale.
We will remember savage Time
Who steals away our youth
Envisioned as an aged Leaf
Within our lives refined
Upon its Tree, sublime.
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nicely done.