Monday, March 04, 2013

March Madness 2013

YOW! So much since October and now it's ALMOST SPRING! Here are some bulleted thoughts and then I'll post the first two in a series of posts that I'm working on! This is clover from Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville, LA. My friend Sara and I went there and to The Myrtles when she viisted a couple of weeks ago.

- INSANE level of busy-ness and concerts / rehearsals since last October
- December was beyond-words crazy busy, but also fantastic. I conducted the NOLA Civic Symphony for an entire concert and I got to sing with harp later in the month.
- We had an Ordination service for Rodney Roehner to the Order of Priests and it was a glorious highlight of my time at St. Paul's, a place that I truly love. I was excited that many people liked what the choir sang and that we sang beautifully!
- I moved to Frenchmen Street on Jan 2 and am loving it. My parked car was hit a couple of weeks ago, but it's being fixed.
- I'm going through a period of reading, thinking, and writing before spiritual advising with possible discernment to follow. TONS more on that this summer when I have many hours to write what I'm experiencing.
- I'll be teaching in Innsbruck this summer, but will probably not be doing as much traveling as I did in 2010.
- Tenure notebooks turned in back in January. Faculty in Music gave me thumbs up and so far things are looking good.
- The duty of Graduate Coordinator for Music is substantial at times and I always feel like I'm behind with stuff!
- My brother and his wife are having a baby girl in July and two other sets of friends are pregnant! So much happiness!!!!! :-)
- Sasha kitty is 16 1/2 now and taking pretty well to the new apt.
- I GOT accepted as a volunteer JPL Solar System Ambassador and am super proud!!! My first event will be talking to the UNO Physics students and faculty about the DAWN mission and NASA Eyes on the Solar System
- My choir students at UNO are doing a super job so far this semester and I'm thrilled and excited about the Stravinsky / Mozart concert with the Jefferson Chorale and my two groups.
- There is too much to catch up on so I'll end for now, but see the next two posts for info on my upcoming WLS.

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