Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sasha Kitty (1996-2013)

I haven't really been able to write about this until now.....many reasons, but mostly it just makes me very sad :-(
My dear little Sasha kitty, my companion for 17 years, died on September 4th. I miss her like crazy. I came back from teaching in Innsbruck and she had lost a great deal of weight and was anemic. She had been experiencing increasing signs of CRF both before and after my long trip, but her numbers were not "that bad". She recovered rapidly from the anemia, but then wasn't eating and was losing weight more and more over the next weeks. The vet was able to diagnose her, but treatment was going to be ongoing and hard. The weekend before she died, I really thought she was going to pass away at home, but she rallied and then stopped eating completely. She spent a few days having dry heaves and some misery with that, but was mostly ok otherwise. It seemed like she'd be ok if she ate something, but she did not and I said goodbye to her on a Wednesday.

She was the BEST CAT EVER and so sweet!!!!! She was smart, silly, lazy, hilarious, and would take care of me every time I was sick. She would also respond every time I talked to her....either by meowing or by flicking her tale if she didn't want to meow or acknowledge she heard me. She also had three favorite toys:
The Wicked Witch of the West, a little Snoopy which I have had since I was a little girl, and a monkey :-) In my old apartment, she used to meow while carrying them in her mount and bouncing down the stairs - so funny! Once, I came home to find the Wicked Witch under my bed....all except for her legs sticking out as in the Wizard of Oz!
Sasha would always manage to find my black pants and sit on them, practicing her Olympic shedding. Sasha even made the news a couple of times over the years :-)
Sasha kitty makes the news for hiding from the New Orleans heat!
I have several  short videos that I made over the years. Here is a simple collage, made last year -

Maybe one day I'll get another kitty or a dog, but for now, I just can't. Rest in Peace, dear Sasha kitty. I will always love you dearly.
Sasha kitty enjoying a sunbeam

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