Saturday, March 29, 2014

VSG Hair Loss - YIKES!

[In catching up on my blog posts from last Fall]
What can I say about VSG and hair loss.....
It happens and it STINKS.
About three months after surgery, I began to realize that the hair coming out was increasing and then it became INSANE how much would come out. In fact, I was shocked I even had that much hair. I was already taking vitamins and the VSG is NOT a surgery which is known for malnutrative events so I was hoping to avoid hair loss, but NOPE. I was told various things by several doctors and some patients who had the same surgery. They included taking "Hair, Skin, and Nails" vitamins, eating your required amount of protein, taking Biotin, and actual hair products. My personal hair loss felt extreme and raged on from August until December. Since then, it has settled a bit. I can tell I'm still losing more than I previously did, but it definitely has stabilized. Also, there is new growth which makes my head look shabby and slightly uncontrollable, but whatever....
I just wanted to wrote this post to say that I believe the hair loss is unavoidable. Your body goes through quite a shock with anesthesia, surgery, simply not eating the amount of food you could before, etc. Don't worry too much - I understand there are not any bald VSG patients unless they were bald already! :-)


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