Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Thoughts 2013

Every Memorial Day, I always think a lot about my Dad, Ashmead Courtenay Carson, who was a Bomber pilot in WWII, a fantastic artist, and a smart, kind, & gentle man who loved choral music. I also think about the day in context of humanity and those from all ages and across the planet who have given and are giving their time & lives for the pursuit of peace. This picture collage is made from my Innsbruck trip in 2010 when I visited the Italian Tyrol town of Rovereto. The Campana della pace is made from the cannons of WWI, WWII, and other wars. There are flags from EVERY country in the world and a continuing flame burning in remembrance to the fallen. It took me many hours to hike there: up two peaks and through a dense forest (without signage except that first sign), but it was one of the most "worth it" experiences of my whole trip.

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