Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Springy Goodness!

I'm feeling awesome today! First, it's a lovely spring day here in NOLA and I'm feeling caught up on my grading stuff (so far). I'm super happy that I found some interesting material on the life of St. Peter to look at as a result of my first spiritual advising meeting. Seems ole Pete and I may have a few things in common :-) I want to find a nice blanket of clover in City Park and just go read. Unfortunately, I can't do that until at least May 23/24l, but I WILL go do that!

It's also been exactly a week since I began the two-week required pre-op liquid diet and I am down ten pounds! I'm happy that my liver will hopefully be in mint condition for the procedure. Part of me says "Hmmm, if you're suddenly losing so well, then why go through with the procedure at all? Why not just stick to this liquid thing for an extended period of time and then all will be well and you won't have to be without a normal stomach." Then, the other part of my psyche reminds me that "I've tried this before, perhaps not so severely....but.....
been there, done that......and then it all came back on plus more over time".

My recent annual check-up was ridiculously good.....BP 118/65, blood sugar perfect and all that jazz. I just have the feeling that it will catch up with me at some point because I am so far past the point of caring about dieting. Two years ago I had officially given up after six months trying the Aspen Clinic program, my "last resort". When I say gave up......I mean GAVE UP and from that point onward, I stopped caring, measuring, reading labels, exercising more than a day or two each week, and started enjoying eating more. That's a slippery slope I tell you!
I digress.....The recent check-up was another excuse to ask myself "Why I am I doing this again?"

I'd say I have a minor case of the pre-surgery jitters - even on this day full of springy goodness :-)

I will say that I do feel really supported by friends, church staff friends, family, and colleagues. That's a nice feeling :-)

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