Saturday, March 29, 2014

VSG - What Am I Eating?

[In catching up on my blog posts from last Fall]

Well, in a word: ANYTHING

For me, I have been extremely lucky in that I can eat anything I could eat before surgery. I am truly grateful because while I had surgery knowing there was a possibility that I'd never eat things such as rice, grits, sunflower seeds, flax, or random other imaginations, I CAN and I DO eat all those items! WHEW!

For some people, especially a local friend of mine, certain foods cause stomach upset or cannot be tolerated at all. Sometimes, it's a texture issue and sometimes just comes right back up for no reason. One of my friends told me that she threw up almost every day for two months and I remember that she definitely could not tolerate many foods. In spite of all that, she said that she would do it all over again!

As for me, I have not thrown up once and I can eat anything. I suppose it depends on the individual. I have had a vitamin B deficiency in my January vitamin panel, but I take that daily now and am fine.

Things I eat for breakfast:
- Vanilla Greek yoghurt with Torani sugar free raspberry flavoring
- Club crackers with cheddar cheese
- apple slices
- granola bar
- leftover Hibachi or whatever I made that's lasting four days, LOL

Things I eat for lunch:
- the same list as above
- a protein shake occasionally
- the inside of a sandwich (I sometimes eat some of the bread)
- my favorite spinach and greens salad w/ carrots, sunflower seeds, cheese
- leftovers

Things I eat for dinner:
- I've started making casseroles for convenience and eating them for a few days at a time
- Hibachi (I am officially addicted
- salad
- fish....I love cooking salmon
- beef and rice
- fruit is often a dessert now

For me, nothing has changed THAT drastically except some of the following:
- portions are much, MUCH smaller
- I feel ok about grazing
- I tend not to drink and eat at the same time as much, but I still do it carefully
- I still have soda, but I buy the mini-cans and one pack may last a month or more now
- I eat a TON of popsicles sometimes (so I mostly get the sugar free kind)
- Hibachi, a new addiction :-)

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