Monday, September 22, 2014


I have a recommendation! If you have never seen the movie Baraka, make an effort to do so. Baraka is Sufi for "Blessing". It means blessing in Hebrew, Arabic and Arabic-influenced languages I've seen this documentary many times and recently watched it yet again since I have now been to India, Nepal, Brasil, and several more of the 24 countries in which it was filmed. It speaks of humanity, spirituality, and the natural rhythm and order of our living Earth and its place in the Universe. It also makes huge statements on prayer & ritual, technology & "progress", community and communion with one another, and is an amazing stream of life that acutely makes one aware of the passage of time on the grand scale. This kind of awareness is not academic. Rather, you feel it and in so doing, you gain a sense of being connected to all things. It is at once mystic and blatant, it breathes stillness, yet embodies motion. It touches on cultural homage, glorification, deification, and how spirituality is intertwined within the worlds we have made separate from one another. It is AMAZING.

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