Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I made broccoli pizza crust! The recipe is below, BUT you have to know I forgot the tomato sauce so will make it again and have a more traditionally topped pizza! I've been wanting to try this for three weeks, but haven't had the time. This evening after choir rehearsal, I picked up necessary ingredients at the store and then FORGOT the tomato sauce. I decided to try it anyway as I had most everything else. It turned out beautifully! I made it because I hate cauliflower, even in pizza crust form, and I love broccoli and thought I could make a healthier pizza! WARNING: Still not the most healthy food...
Here's how it looks as a finished product:

- one egg
- parmesan cheese (maybe 1/4 cup)
- Spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, curry, rosemary, Basil, Greek spice mixture, ground oregano, whatever (healthy shakes)
- a head of BROCCOLI

What I did:
- cleaned a bowl (woot!)
- chopped a head of broccoli up, nice and super fancy fine like a real chef (I'm sure some folks would use a food processor)
- shook some garlic, salt, pepper, and curry over it while chanting (just kidding)
- making it a second time, I eliminated the salt & pepper & curry, only used a lunch of garlic.
- cracked an egg into it
- added the parmesan cheese
- stirred it
- added a minor sprinkle of cheddar cheese
- gathered the lump and placed it on a baking sheet sprayed with Pam
- took pictures :-)

Cooking the lump:
- 400 degrees
- cook 10 minutes or until starting to get brown on edges
- take out and add toppings (I added mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and would have added tomato sauce and oregano if I hadn't forgotten the sauce)
- Cook 10-15 more minutes until it looks like it's done
- take a picture :-)

How does it taste?
- A little eggy, a lot broccoli-y
- tasty :-)
- the tomato sauce will add necessary ZING!

- Make thinner. After it has cooked 10 min., lift, re-spray pan
- drizzle with olive oil, dash with rosemary
- spread tomato sauce over it before topping with cheeses etc.

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