Sunday, February 15, 2015

Flying to San Francisco

I am on my way this evening to San Francisco for the wedding of two dear friends. I've never been and I'm thrilled to be going and that so many friends, about 35, will be there for this couple! 

Having never been to SF, I'm hoping to see a lot on the Hop-On / Hop-Off city bus tour tomorrow and then go to see Muir Woods and the famous redwood trees on Tuesday. I've heard all sorts of stuff from well-meaning friends who are "seasoned" San Francisco visitors about how that's not "the real" redwood area to visit or that I'll never have time etc. To that, I hold that since I only have a little bit of time and who the heck knows when I may be back out here again, that it's better than nothing! LOL!

This post shares some photos from my flight from NOLA to DFW to SFO. I love flying! The sunset was much more stunning than the picture below shows. 

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