Wednesday, June 04, 2014


I'm just going to call it like it is: CRACKFISH. Seriously, the catfish that the Lakeview grocery makes (Lakeview area of New Orleans) is THE. BEST. EVER. #NotEvenKidding

I need some sort of 12-step intervention program to keep me from eating so much of it. I'm in there at least once.....ok maybe twice a week lately. Today, I was voraciously craving chocolate and went in there to pick up some tea and chocolate for the few hours of work before choir rehearsal at St. Paul's Episcopal. BUT, I saw the salad bar and the catfish on the hot bar and instantly forgot the chocolate and got a big takeout container of salad and catfish. SO. MUCH. GOODNESS. Of course I'm not upset about eating salad, but the fried catfish, again......well, I should probably NOT eat it so often. Alas, I am enjoying some leftovers as I type this :-)

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