Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014, Remembering My Dad in Pictures: Ashmead Courtenay Carson, Jr. (1918-1998)

Today, I want to share two awesome pictures of my Dad!  
                                            Ashmead Courtenay Carson, Jr. (1918-1998)
This one was taken while Dad was grilling dinner and it was supposed to be a "horror movie pose" so he scrunched up his face and made a giant movement toward whatever was being grilled with the tongs, HA! 

This next one was posted on FB by my half sister Pride with the great description: "Dad as an Army Air Corps flyboy" circa WWII." I can't believe how young he looks!

This last one (for today) is another from sister Pride as THE BEST gift for Christmas EVER! The wave in Dad's hair is very characteristic of the Carson line. In fact, I've seen a silhouette from the 1700's where it was there too! Cool!

He is greatly missed! Dad taught me that "nothing is as strong as gentleness". We also shared a strong ability to make and appreciate good puns :-) 

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