Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Angel Oak on John's Island, SC

Today, my Mom and I went driving around John's Island, South Carolina and to Kiawah Island, where we used to live before it became one giant golf course. In fact, when we moved there from Columbia, SC, there were still wild horses on the island, two thirds of it was undeveloped, and the Vanderhorst Plantation was still standing and accessible. Kiawah is still absolutely gorgeous, but not a place I would ever EVER want to live again. Too isolated, too expensive, and too....elite for my personal taste. One the way back toward Charleston, we came upon Resurrection road and decided to explore that. It featured a gigantic, plantation style home and a few other houses on the water. It also seemed that the forest around it was filled with blue, beautiful hydrangeas! Cool! I'd nevertheless seen them in a forest before.

After the road ended, we had lunch off of Maybank Highway and then turned back toward Bohicket road turns into Main road. There, along Bohicket road, lies many a dusty dirt road, leading off to either water, farm, or someone's home. The Angel Oak is off of one of these roads. Once down a ways, you park along the roadside and THERE IT IS!!! 

The Angel Oak is by no means the largest of the oldest tree in the US, but one of the largest live oaks around the US and is an astounding gigantic and ancient tree! It's 1500 years old and is about 65 feet tall. It provides 17,000 feet of shade. In a Carolina summer, one greatly appreciates ANY shade! You can read more about The Angel Oak HERE or even HERE (This site has glorious photos!)

I'm not normally a fan of wooded areas (too creepy quiet and isolated for me), but rather, I adore large, open green spaces and beaches or having a view on an edge of a mountain. 
Anyway, The Angel Oak was actually so big that it provided sunlit spots in between its shadows and SUCH a large area that it felt breezy and open. It was SO INVITING! Also, the people there today were all pretty quiet and everyone was amazed so it was a nice, bonding experience of smiles with my fellow humans :-)

I thought that it might be nice to capture some video of this giant oak since pictures cannot do it justice! Enjoy!

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