Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rainy Day NOLA and Great Books

It's not raining today, but it was yesterday! :-) I kind of wish it were today so that I could curl up again with some of the terrific new books I've been reading. I wasn't feeling well yesterday so resting helped a lot. I think my tonsils should probably come out, but I'm avoiding it for many reasons. Anyway, I am LOVING my free time this summer to stay up super late and read. It's sort of stolen free time, as I have a megaton of work that always needs to be done, but whatever. Some of the books I have recently read and/or am now reading are:
The Heart of Christianity  -  by Marcus Borg (terrific read!)
Episcopal Questions, Episcopal Answers  - by C.K. Robertson and Ian S. Markham (fantastic!)
What Should I Do with My Life?  -  Po Bronson (reading a bit at a time)

Here's my pretty silhouette of P.T. Beauregard at the NOLA City Park roundabout yesterday! On my way home, it was about to storm and I looked up and saw this wonderful storm light! 
C. Carson, 2014

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