Friday, June 13, 2014

Ponderings at Two Stoplights on a Grey New Orleans Day

When I left this morning to head on over to UNO, it was extremely DARK and ominous, quite windy, and about to rain hard. I LOVE days like this and I completely love storms, especially thunderstorms. The first stoplight I came to was long enough for me to start wishing I'd seen the weather radar earlier and could have run out to Lake Ponchartrain to view the storm as it was coming in and take pictures. I was just mulling that over and didn't see any lightening yet, but it's something I really want to do at some point this summer. I'm SO EXCITED to be getting a lightning trigger - a piece of camera equipment I've wanted for at least five years. Not exactly sure which brand I want, but quality enough to capture some terrific shots! I drove a few blocks and stopped at another light. 

I was able to take this iPhone photo that really shows you how dark it was. Wow, the storm was moving super rapidly! As I put the phone back down and turned to look down Elysian Fields, there came a GIGANTIC wall sheet of water, something you'd see sweeping across the plains, barreling down the street! It must have had a bit of a downburst in it too because I saw that it broke off a pretty sizable branch of an oak tree which remained in the middle of the road. I thought how lucky it was that no one was in its way and noted the strength of the whipping rain. The light then turned green.

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